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Want Your Holiday Photos Get More Than 96.9% “Likes”? This is How You Do It Based on the Latest Research

The latest research conducted by the holiday photography team,, reveals tons of facts about what to do and what are the factors that affect the number of ‘likes’ that you get when you share your holiday photos on social media.

According to Dian Sastro, an artist and co-founder of, a huge number of people prefer a bewitching and professionally-taken pictures.

“From the data that we have, almost 50% percent of users are the ‘millennial generation’ or someone between the age of 25-34. They are very keen on uploading their holiday pictures on Instagram, especially ones that are taken by professional photographers. What’s more, the sampling data proves that the number of ‘likes’ will increase up until 96.9%”.

Very few people are aware that travelling wave in this millennial era is just like a digital trend. It is as if the netizens are competing and attempting to show their very best holiday pictures. Moreover, there are some interesting facts about holiday photography that you may have never known:

1. Most users are women (86%)

They prefer to take pictures with their family (67%) or children (77%).

2. Bali is still in the center of it all

During 2017, almost 71% of Frame A Trip users chose to spent their holiday in Asia. Their best 3 selected locations are Indonesia, Japan, and Singapore. Bali still becomes their best location, then come Paris, Tokyo, London, and Kyoto consecutively.

3. 88% prefer to do outdoor photo-shoot

A huge number of people prefer to do an outdoor shoot. Moreover, almost 90% choose to do a photo-shoot in the landmarks of their selected cities, such as Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Brooklyn Bridge, or the unique Melasti Beach.

4. Favorite pose

The most interesting fact about holiday photography is the selection of pose when they take the pictures. Since 2017, 79% of Indonesia travelers choose to do the pose where they do not have to kiss their spouse. They will do the holding hands or the hugging poses, but no kissing.

5. What to wear

Even when you are on holiday, your look must be put into consideration as well. No less than 85% Frame A Trip users will wear casual clothes with 69% of them wearing no make-up. In addition, 11 % of them prefer to wear traditional clothes of their selected destination, such as Kimono or Yukata of Japan, and Hanbok of South Korea.

Looking at the fact where holiday is a trend among the ‘millennial generation’, surely you do not want your holiday pictures worth nothing more than selfies.

It is time for you to move to the latest trend of holiday photography with the professional photographer from which is working with hundreds of professional photographers in more than 180 cities all over the world.

Wherever your holiday may be, make sure that you hire a local photographer to avoid the hassle of accommodation. They will also be very helpful in giving tips and information about where to do the shoot, about how is the weather usually like, about the wardrobe and pose, etc.

Impressive and guaranteed pictures from will increase your ‘like’ and will turn you into one of those Instagram Celebs in no time.

All you have to do is making sure that your holiday moment is captured by the professional local photographer from

P.S. here is the infographic about the latest Holiday Photography trend:

Detty Frameatrip

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