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4 Activities in Maldives to Spend Your Honeymoon Trip as it is in Heaven

Frame A Trip – Nowadays people are super excited when they heard about Maldives, do you feel the same? Well, Maldives becomes one of places that must be visited. There are so many beautiful places, especially for the newlyweds. They can enjoy their honeymoon trip since everything in there is very romantic. There are 3 kinds of resorts, the first is dive resort which is for the diver, second is holiday resort for family, and the last is luxury resort which is for married couple. You can also do many things there, such as wind surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, and many more. Are you still confused what activities you will do and which resorts that are suitable to you during your trip in Maldives? Let us give you the answers.

1. Kayaking with Loved One in Anantara Dhigu


The first place that you should visit is Anantara Dhigu, because you will get a welcome chocolate and a glass of champagne. This island will make you comfortable due to the view of the resort and really suitable for newlyweds to spend their time together. The first thing that you can do there is travelling by kayak or it can be said kayaking in Veli Beach which is the best beach in Anantara Dhigu. There are two kinds of kayak that can be chosen; simple classic kayak and the glass kayak. If you choose the glass one, you can directly see underwater life and remember, if you want to do kayak by yourself, you should know and learn how to do the water sport as well.

2. Candlelight Dinner while Enjoying the Ocean Views in Soneva Fushi


Just take 12 minutes from Male International Airport by a speedboat, you will be taken to a place where newly married couple usually visited or known as Soneva Fushi. Also, it can be your private island, so if you and your partner want to get a place that is quite, just go to Soneva Fushi. If you want to get romantic open-air candlelight dinner with your wife/husband, you do not have to prepare everything, just come to By The Beach and you will be well-served by the staffs. Their favorite menus are feast on sashimi and sushi fresh from the ocean. You can enjoy the food while seeing the sunset or seascape.

3. Whale Shark Snorkeling in Conrad Maldives Rangali Island


Have you ever thought to do whale shark snorkeling? Do not you think to try this one? If you go to Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, you are not only seeing the romantic places, but you can also do something challenging which is Whale Shark Snorkeling with your beloved one, it will be different on your honeymoon trip. Don’t be afraid, the sharks are well-trained and harmless to people. The best time to do whale shark snorkeling is on December until April since you can find the sharks easily. The crew will be ready to help and guide you when you are snorkeling around Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, so you are 100% safe and also you could ask them directly if you have any concern or questions.

4. Sandbank Picnic in Maafushi Island


The last thing that you cannot miss when you are in Maldives is doing sandbank picnic in Maafushi Island for your lunch break. You do not need to prepare everything since Kaani Beach Hotel that is near Maafushi Island will fulfill your need, also you can choose what you want on your sandbank picnic such as an elegant picnic; a table for two to enjoy a delicious lunch, have a cocktail or a dinner at sunset. You can enjoy the food while seeing the blue azure sky and the turquoise water with your beloved one. Maafushi Island is actually a tiny island which recommended for tourists. So, are you are still confused and cannot imagine the activities that you will do in Maldives? Besides your wonderful trip to Maldives, the most important thing that you cannot miss is to capture your memories. In this romantic moment, why do not you decide to hire a local photographer to complete your romantic days? Imagine that you hire a personal photographer that will help you to take your honeymoon moment become your best gifts that you ever had? Frame A Trip is a good choice. Why Frame A Trip? Because we give you the simplest way to make your honeymoon becomes memorable in a click. Go book now on our website and let us frame your honeymoon trip!


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